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A new approach to Pre-Marital Counseling: Consider creating a Marriage Plan

What’s a “Marriage Plan?” We just want pre-marital counseling.

It’s fun to be in love!

It’s fun to be in love!

What an exciting time for you! It’s fun to be in love, and to be a happy couple. Most people begin long-term relationships because they love being with each other, and they look forward to creating a wonderful life together. But, even when they begin as super happy, just over half of marriages succeed.

What if there was such a thing as “Marriage Planning?” What if couples had a way to plan to have a successful relationship, just like they plan for other things like weddings, vacations, or finances?*

Continue reading below to learn about my unique approach to helping couples have healthy relationships: Marriage Planning & More. You’ll discover that pre-marital counseling is the first step of creating a Marriage Plan.

We want to succeed...tell us more!

Your first step is pre-marital counseling.

Your first step is pre-marital counseling.

Couples usually say that they don’t run into “problems” until after they’re married. Even couples who’ve had pre-marital counseling can find themselves facing new issues that weren’t covered in their pre-marital sessions.

My program, Marriage Planning & More, begins with pre-marital counseling, then offers ongoing coaching as your relationship grows. The program helps you develop a Marriage Plan - a toolkit of relationship resources that you’ll be able to use as you face life’s challenges together. It’s helpful to learn these skills before you need them. Most couples enjoy the process and feel more confident in their relationship when they use the skills they learn.*

This approach to marriage is designed to help you build a strong relationship, and then keep it strong. We’ll cover four areas that relationship experts have identified as important to long-term success*: good relationship skills, positive interactions, building strong connections (or repairing broken ones), and effective parenting skills. The program has 5 Stages, so I’ll help you figure out which Stage makes the most sense for you.

If you’re looking for Christian counseling, just let me know. I’m able to customize the Stages based on each couple’s unique needs and preferences. Find out more by calling today.

Do happy couples really need counseling?

Reach out for support during transitions.

Reach out for support during transitions.

Research says that couples who fail, even if they start out as happy, are usually not using the relationship and strong connection skills that healthy couples use.*

Planning to have a successful long-term relationship begins by learning important skills when you’re happily dating, engaged, or newly married. But many couples need more. It’s during times of transition that couples need extra support, so it makes sense to get some additional coaching during these times. Marriage Planning & More offers you these services. 

The best defense is usually a strong offense. I want you to have a hopeful outlook for your marriage! You can find more information on the FAQ page, the Hopeful Outlook brochure, or by clicking on the link below to contact me directly.  

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*Some relationships are unhealthy and may not benefit from counseling.