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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Summary of Services

FAQ - Individuals              

FAQ - Christian Counseling 

FAQ - Couples:

1) I see that you offer “couples” counseling. What about marriage counseling?

Couples counseling is for any couple who’s experiencing difficulties in their relationship, whether they’re dating, engaged or married. Counseling is tailored to each couple’s unique situation.

2) I'm in a relationship, but we're not planning on getting married. Do you only help couples who want to be married?

Help is available for all couples who are hoping to have long-term relationships. 

3) What if we just want pre-marital counseling? 

Sure! Stages One and Two of the Marriage Planning & More program are designed for pre-marital counseling.

4) Do you offer Prepare-Enrich?

Yes. I often use the Prepare-Enrich assessment and workbook in Stage One.

5) Is Marriage Planning & More a class?

No. Marriage Planning & More is comprised of privately held sessions for each couple. 

6) Can you guarantee that our relationship will improve?

Counseling is a way for you to gain important insight about yourself, your partner and your relationship. Through the process, you’ll discover different ways of connecting and relating to each other. Many couples experience reduced conflict and are able to deepen their love and respect for each other, but ultimately, it’s up to each of you to decide if, and how, to make changes in your relationship.

7) Do you offer family therapy?

Yes. I’m trained in Family Systems theories and have experience as a parenting skills coach.

8) Do you offer counseling for children?

I work with children during family therapy, but do not counsel children independently. I’m happy to provide referrals if counseling is appropriate for a child. 

FAQ - Individuals

1) Is the "Living Free" program group therapy?

Living Free is individual counseling, with privately-held sessions. I call it Living Free because I believe in helping people learn how to live in the freedom of emotional wellness. 

2) Do you accept insurance?

At this time, I do not accept insurance. See the pricing page for more information on rates.

3) What type of therapy do you do?

Treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual client. Psychological research suggests that different counseling methods are effective for different problems. After your initial consultation, I’ll explain different types of therapy that might be helpful to you. How we proceed is always up to you. 

FAQ - Christian Counseling

1) Do you offer Christian counseling?

Yes. Christian counseling is available for individuals and couples upon request. 

2) What is Christian counseling?

Christian counseling is the integration of the Christian faith into the counseling process through the use of resources like Scripture, prayer, worship and Inner Healing. Faith can be a tremendous resource for hope, healing & healthy relationships.

3) What if I'm not a Christian, or don't want faith-based counseling?

Any inclusion of faith, spirituality or religion is up to the individual, couple or family seeking counseling.

4) Are any of your programs specifically Christian?

Christian principles and values can be included in any of my counseling services. You’ll have a chance to discuss your preference during your initial consultation and at any time throughout the counseling process. 

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