Couples Counseling / Marriage Counseling

When do couples need counseling?

Whether you’re dating, engaged or married, good relationships feel good. When they don't, counseling can be a helpful resource*.

Two sets of needs are continually interacting.

Two sets of needs are continually interacting.

You’ve probably invested a lot into your relationship. You want it to be a partnership that makes you feel your best, where you have comfort, fun, stability, and a sense of belonging. If you’re experiencing frequent arguments, frustration or disappointment, it can feel like you’re stuck, or like your relationship is broken.

It’s helpful to keep in mind that when two people are in a committed relationship, a complex combination of physical, emotional, and social needs are continually interacting. When different personality types, beliefs, and unique life histories are added to the mix, the result is two sets of expectations about how the relationship should be.

Most of the time, things blend together easily and it feels good. But, when expectations aren't met, if circumstances change, or if there's been a breach of trust, your relationship can begin to suffer. Counseling makes sense if the two of you aren't able to resolve these issues together.

What happens in couples counseling?


Counseling is a place where each of you can share your story and your perspective about what's going on. 

Whether the issue is money, time together, family demands, unmet emotional needs, intimacy, drifting apart, all of the above, or something else, I’ll help you find ways to sort through it together.* If there's been a breach of trust, ask me about "re-pairing" your relationship.

Couples sessions are always tailored to each couple, but often include a process of discovery, enhancing couple communication skills, understanding personality dynamics, healing damaged parts of the relationship, and learning how to re-establish a healthy connection. If you’re looking for Christian counseling, just let me know. I customize counseling based on each couple’s unique needs and preferences.

Let’s pursue the possibility of a hopeful outlook for your relationship. When you’re ready, click below to schedule a free phone consultation. See the FAQ page for more information. 

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*Some relationships are unhealthy and may not benefit from counseling.